My Crazy Handmade Pottery Challenge

As 2023 gets into full swing, I’m so excited to share my crazy idea with you – to make three handmade ceramic pots every single day of 2023! It’s going to be quite the challenge, but I’m committed to it and can’t wait to create all sorts of unique pottery pieces as the year progresses. Although this task is quite daunting, I’m a little excited to get started.

I’ve been making and selling pots for about 13 years now all while maintaining a full-time job. I’ve been dreaming of one day becoming a full time potter for most of this time and I’ve gotten to the stage where I need to prove to myself that I can turn my side-hustle into a profitable career. To do this, I’m pushing my personal boundaries by ramping up production with this handmade pottery challenge I’ve set myself, exploring the physical and mental demands of intensive making in my small studio space and investigating how to bring my unique ceramics to eager buyers. After spending so much time developing my talents, it’s now time to see if they they can pay the bills!

Juggling a full time job and creating unique ceramics on the side is no easy task, so I recognise that pushing myself to make 3 items every day is setting myself up for failure. Instead, I’m taking a more flexible approach, allowing myself to take days off when necessary and making up for lost time by doubling my makes on other days. To help me stay organised and on track, I’ve even developed an app (yes, I’m a bit of a geek!) that allows me to quickly record what I’ve made each day. The app also shows me how many days ahead or behind I am in my production, giving a little extra motivation when I need it most. Additionally, I’ve carefully planned out how many of each item I need to create throughout the year, which will be essential in helping me reach my financial goals.

As a potter, I frequently find myself juggling numerous projects at once, which can quickly become overwhelming. That’s precisely why I’m committed to providing regular updates on my workflow throughout this year. It’s a fantastic way for me to keep track of what I’ve accomplished and pinpoint areas that require additional attention. Moreover, it motivates me to keep pushing forward, knowing that I’m making progress in refining my craft and creating one-of-a-kind ceramics that people love. My ultimate objective is to document the entire journey and share it with the world. So, come along for the ride and witness my journey!

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