Thrown In Stone Potter Gary in workshop


I started Thrown In stone in 2010, working from my tiny ceramic workshop in Leeds, England where I create a wide range of unique, handmade pottery.

Mainly working with white Stoneware clay I produce unique functional and decorative pieces as well as small scale sculptural work. A diverse set of techniques are used including wheel throwing, slab building, coiling and casting. I’m particularly interested in colour and surface design and am constantly fascinated by how different glazes interact with each other to give a truly unique finish.

My love for the pottery comes from every aspect of the process, from start to finish. A driving force is the satisfaction with the end product, and seeing each form come into being from just an idea. It’s a rare privilege for a single person to start with a raw material and end with a truly wonderful product which you can touch, use and enjoy.

I love the unpredictability of working with clay and glazes. You can never tell exactly how a piece is going to turn out until you open the kiln after that final glaze firing. I dread the day I am no longer filled with excitement and a hint of apprehension when I open the kiln. If that day does come, I’ll know it’s time to move on.

– Gary

Where to Buy

Explore my collection of handmade ceramics available for purchase directly from my online store or on Etsy. I proudly maintain a permanent display at Our Handmade Collective, a boutique gift shop dedicated to unique, handmade items, nestled in the vibrant Horsforth High Street in Leeds. Additionally, you can find my creations at the Handmade Gift Shop in The Piece Hall, Halifax, which is renowned for its curated selection of artisan gifts.